VG 124, spraakzaam

VG 124, spraakzaam by Vreemdegeluiden.Com on Mixcloud

1. Steeleye Span - A calling on Song

2. intro
3. Fire - Tell you a story ("The Magic Shoemaker" 1970)

4. Forty-one - They say it's a new sound

5. Laurie Anderson - Speak my language ( "Bright Red" 1994)

Daddy daddy, it was just like you said now that the living outnumber the dead. where I come from it's a long thin thread across an ocean. down a river of red. now that the living outnumber the dead
Speak my language. hello. hello. here come the quick. there go the dead. here they come. bright red. speak my language.

6. The Branflakes - Speak to me through your shoes
7. The Beatles - Tell me why

8. Sonja van Hamel - Why do people talk
9. Billy Holiday - Say it with a kiss
10. The Move - Open up said the world at the door (take 4)
11. The Four Yo's - Zeg niet nee

(alternatieve versie)

12. Forty one - Just say I'm a horse
13. Esquivel - Speak low
14. Forty one - Laugh and spout nonsense (1)

15. Ronnie Schutte - Ze zegge

16. ELO - Whisper in the night
17. Easy star all-stars - Speak to me
18. Jenny and the Rascals - You told me a lie (1966)

19. The Branflakes - They're laughing at me
20. Earth MK II - I think you're not the person you say you are
21. David Bowie - Telling lies

22. Ernst Daniël Smid en Roger Braun - Aus mein Tränen spriessen (R. Schumann)

Aus meinen Tränen sprießen
Viel blühende Blumen hervor,
Und meine Seufzer werden
Ein Nachtigallenchor.

Und wenn du mich lieb hast, Kindchen,
Schenk' ich dir die Blumen all',
Und vor deinem Fenster soll klingen
Das Lied der Nachtigall.
(Heinrich Heine)

23. The Mothers of invention - Go cry on somebody else's shoulder

24. Forty one - Laugh and spout nonsense (2)

25. The Yardbirds - Haha said the clown

25. Fire - Happy man am I

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