VG 184 huis/house/thuis/home

Een nieuw seizoen van Vreemde Geluiden gaat vandaag van start:

01. Traffic - House for everyone

02. Raymond Scott - New Year's Eve in a haunted house

03. Carmen - Lonely house

04. Johnny Dowd - Poverty house
05. Drs. P. - In het huis der schande

06. The Idle Race - Knocking nails into my house

07. The Synthetiser Sound Machine - House of the rising sun

 08. Vera van der Poel - The House

Vera (voorheen Divera) is een zangeres, singer-songwriter, conservatoriumdocent die tijdens Zwolle Unlimited werd opgemerkt door uw programmamaker.  
Vera werkte in het verleden met onder meer The Nits, haar zus Beatrice, het Zapp4-stringkwartet, Junkie XL, New Cool Collective en Boy Edgar-winnaars Oene van Geel en Corrie van Binsbergen. Ze leende haar stem aan commercials, maakte muzikale reizen van Afghanistan via Zwitserland tot Honduras. Ze stond in veel grote, de meeste kleine zalen in Nederland én op de Parade. Haar karakteristieke heldere stem is te horen op talloze albums.
Op 8 september a.s. treedt zij met haar voltallige band op in Hedon en 's middags al bij Plato. De toegang is gratis. Een aanrader! Meer info: https://www.hedon-zwolle.nl/voorstelling/16748/vera-van-der-poel

words and music Vera van der Poel (c)2017

This is the house where i live
Where we once were born
Safe from storms
Bricks build solid and proof
Supporting the roof
You would love it, do you?

In the house where i’ve lived
For so many years
The walls have ears
Bricks drenched in shedded tears
Sweet innocent years
Won’t you come back over here

A rocking chair on the porch
A playground full of toys
The stained glass window colours my part
An old car’s backseat used as a bench in the yard

If the walls could ever speak
The house would tumble down, way down

In the house where I live
A family’s dazed
Smacked in the face
One seat is unoccupied
Still set every night
Someone’s missing and died

Outside the house where i’ve lived
The walls couldn’t see
What was happening to me
Bricks cracked and slowly neglect
The soul of the wrecked
They just couldn’t protect me

An early evening breeze
The oaktree left some leaves
The kitchenfloor so shiny and waxed
The curtains flirting but the cat’s nails leaving her tracks

If the walls could ever speak
The house would tumble down, way down

09. Gluid  (Bram van den Oever, Kampen) - My brother's room
10. Vera van der Poel - Common Ground

11. Jules de Corte - het Electrisch huis

12. Don Gibson - Lonesome old house

13. Consortium - The house upon the hill

14. Raymond Scott - At an Arabian house party
15. Alan Price - The house that Jack built
16. The Glass Family - House of glass

17. The Sandals - House of painted glass

18. Basil Kirchin - The abominable dr. phibes' house
19. Rufus Thomas - Down ta my house

20. Ashra Tempel - Le diable dans la maison
21. Erika Eigen - I wanna marry a lighthouse keeper
22. Vera van der Poel - Pull the trigger

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