VG 177

01 intro [Jan T. - Easy Star All Stars]
02 Alan White, Pink Floyd, Keith Emerson, Adrian Belew - In the Flesh [collage]
03 Derek Sherian - Welcome to the machine
04 David Bowie - See Emily Play

05 Vitamin String Quartet / London Phil. Orch. - Breathe [collage]
06 Hubert Laws - Crying song

07 Jan T. [Zwolle] - Punky Pinky mix
08 Steve Howe - Goodbye blue sky
09 WS 64 / David Palmer and the Royal Phil. Orch.- Shine on you crazy Diamond [collage]

10 Tanya, Dorise and Nathan - Wish you were here

de andere straat-cover waar in de uitzending over wordt gesproken:

11 Dweezil Zappa and Keith Emerson - Run Like Hell
12 Adrian Sherwood and Jazzwad - Brain Damage
13 Alan White and Chris Squire - Comfortably numb
14 Henk Bennen [Zwolle] solo guitar and the Pink FLoyd Project - Comfortably Numb

Incidentele geluiden en korte fragmenten:

The Flaming Lips e.a. - The Dark Side of the Moon [2009]

The London Philharmonic olv Jez Corman - Us and Them

Country Lace

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